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Dinutrition and Fitness Consulting provides personal training and nutrition education services in Vancouver, British Columbia and is run by Deanna Ibbitson, a certified personal trainer with a masters degree in nutrition.

Why Me?

Nutrition and fitness are both very important factors in living a long and healthy life. When deciding to make a positive lifestyle change, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build strength, increase energy or to just live a healthier lifestyle, I can help you along the way.

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“I have been training with Deanna for nearly 3 months. Initially I was just looking to lose weight and gain some insight on nutrition. Deanna began by assessing my eating habits and easing me into a great fitness plan. I saw improvements and changes within the first weeks.

Deanna is very pleasant and encourages me gently along the way. With her help I have made positives changes that will be long lasting. Anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change and see results should trust Deanna and see it as an investment for the self.

20 pounds lost today!!!”

-Jessica, Vancouver

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