Real men order salad

I have written this post to show you how,  by making a few simple substitutions at the coffee shop or pub, you can save yourself from gaining some unwanted pounds.

Here are two typical scenarios:

A morning stop at the coffee shop:

Food item Calories Substitute with Calories
Grande Vanilla latte with whole milk 290 Grande latte with 2% milk and 1 tsp sugar 205
Pumpkin scone 480 Yogurt parfait or spinach feta wrap 300
Total: 770 Total: 505

These values were calculated from the nutrition info provided by Starbucks.

This substitution five times per week equals 1325 calories per week, or 68,900 calories per year. At 3500 calories per pound, this is equal to about 20 pounds of fat in one year.

A night at the pub:

Food item Calories Substitute with: Calories
½ order of chicken wings (6 pc.) 330 No appetizer 0
Burger with bacon and cheese 550 Plain burger 400
Side of french fries 390 Side green salad 5
Mayo for dipping (2 tbsp) 200 Oil and vinegar dressing (1 tbsp) 75
2 (14 oz) pints of beer 330 2 (14 oz) pints of beer 330
Total: 2000 Total: 810

This substitution once per week equals 1190 calories per week, or 61,880 calories per year. At 3500 calories per pound, this is equal to about 18 pounds of fat in one year. Of course guys, you may have to put up with some crude remarks from your buddies when you order a salad instead of fries, but hey, they won’t be laughing two years down the road when you are the only one that hasn’t gained weight.

Written by Deanna Ibbitson, M.Sc., CPT

Contact Deanna for personalized nutrition consultation and personal training in Vancouver, B.C.

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About dinutrition

I hold a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition. As you can imagine, food is a pretty big part of my life. However, I also enjoy painting, muay thai (yes I can throw a punch), yoga, writing, and am a certified personal trainer.

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  1. I totally agree ; eating healthy is good for both genders – even if it’s not ” manly ” enough !

  2. I don’t think many people realize that lattes (and many of the coffee drinks) pack lots of calories. I just drink plain coffee and only every once in a while treat myself to a mocha. I still get the caffeine without the calories ;-)

  3. Thanks for working these numbers out! Look at the difference with a few smart substitutions…brilliant:)

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