The importance of breakfast

You may have a number of excuses for skipping breakfast in the morning, but here are a few reasons that may make you consider reintroducing this important meal:

1. Breakfast contributes to a healthier diet

Most adults and children do not get enough vitamins, minerals and fibre from lunch and dinner alone. By adding breakfast, you are more likely to get the nutrients you need. As well, children (and some adults) who don’t eat a good breakfast tend to eat more junk food during the day. Therefore, eating breakfast ensures optimal growth and development for your child and a healthier body for you.

2. Eating breakfast improves performance at work and school

Adults who don’t eat breakfast, compared to those who do, become less efficient as the day goes on. Children who do not eat breakfast become tired in school, have shorter attention spans and experience greater learning difficulties. Studies show that children who eat breakfast regularly perform much better in their schoolwork and show extra energy in sports and other physical activities.

3. Skipping breakfast may cause weight gain

Some people choose to skip breakfast in an effort to stay thin. However, skipping breakfast actually makes people more likely to snack throughout the day and to eat a larger meal at lunch and dinner. (Have you ever come home from work starving and ended up eating an entire box of cookies?) As a result, skipping breakfast can actually cause weight gain.

What makes a good breakfast?

A good breakfast should include foods from three of the four food groups (meat and alternatives or dairy, grains, and fruit or vegetables).  Make sure to include fibre and protein to help you to stay full longer and to slow the release of sugar into your blood. One example is whole grain toast with peanut butter and a sliced apple.

If you find you never have time in the morning for breakfast, try keeping some food such as yogurt, granola and fruit at work or prep your breakfast the night before.

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