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“I sought out Deanna as a personal trainer after having unsuccessful sessions with another trainer. Not only is Deanna professional, she also assessed my needs and concerns prior to establishing a training plan. Don’t let her soft spoken voice fool you as she can definitely lead a pure “butt-kicking” class which is exactly what I was looking for!

In addition to her knowledgeable training skills, she is helping me with meal portion control, eating mindfulness and monitoring my body-fat measurements as weight loss is one of my goals.

Very reasonably priced, a focus to client needs with a great level of integrity and professionalism, I would highly recommend Deanna to anyone wanting to get more fit and healthy.”

-Debbie, Vancouver

“Deanna Ibbitson kickstarted my workouts. She was able to provide me with a work out routine that I not only enjoy, but one I look forward to doing every day! She tailored the routine to my likes and needs, leaving me with something I can do on my own in any gym. Deanna demonstrated every move and then watched me complete a full set to make sure I did everything correctly before moving on. Because I now have a plan to follow Im more confident when I go into the gym. I no longer feel like I’m intruding on other peoples space when I go to the weight set.

Deanna is easy to work with, encouraging and incredibly knowledgable in both fitness and nutrition. I will happily recommend her to anyone whether they are looking to start a healthy routine or just add a little fun to their existing one!

With Deanna’s help I’m confident I can stay on task and continue my healthy streak! I know that as soon as working out stops being fun, Deanna will help me change it up again.”

-Robin, Vancouver

“I have been using Deanna as my personal trainer since early May. Though I’ve been very physically active for most of my life, I slowed down once I got married and went to school.  To get back in shape, I started exercising at home with a variety of techniques. However, it was too easy for me to get bored after a few weeks, and too easy for me to quit when I was tired.

I knew I needed to work with someone to help me stay committed to my plan and push me to my limits. Deanna has been exceptional at motivating me, challenging me, and creating fresh routines to keep things interesting. It is a joy to work with someone like Deanna who has a deep knowledge and love for personal fitness, kickboxing, and nutrition. 

I have seen many positive changes in my body and in my stamina since training with Deanna. Each week, I look forward to our training sessions because I know that it will put a smile on my face, put me back into my favorite clothes, and keep me in good health so I can get the most out of life. I will continue to work with Deanna and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape. “

-Sabrina, Vancouver

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Deanna’s boot camps, and I must admit that I was quite impressed with both Deanna’s professionalism and human touch that she brings to her work. As someone who doesn’t participate regularly in standardized exercise programs, I was feeling at least somewhat trepidatious coming into the whole experience. However, despite being in a group setting, Deanna’s calm and methodical approach helped me to feel both un-rushed and on the same page as everyone else throughout the whole program. Thank you for making my first foray into the boot camp experience totally stress free and in fact even quite enjoyable! I look forward to paying your class another visit again soon!”

-Neil, Vancouver

“I have been training with Deanna for nearly 3 months. Initially I was just looking to lose weight and gain some insight on nutrition. Deanna began by assessing my eating habits and easing me into a great fitness plan. I saw improvements and changes within the first weeks.

Deanna is very pleasant and encourages me gently along the way. With her help I have made positives changes that will be long lasting. Anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change and see results should trust Deanna and see it as an investment for the self.

20 pounds lost today!!!”

-Jessica, Vancouver

“I consulted with Deanna after deciding to make some positive lifestyle changes. I was about 10 pounds over my ideal weight and was feeling like I didn’t have the energy to make it through a long day of work. After taking a look at what I was eating, she helped me to understand where I was going wrong and taught me how to make better choices without sacrificing all of the food I like to eat. Her non-judgmental and accommodating approach made making changes seem so much less overwhelming. I am now at my goal weight and am feeling great.”

-Mark, Vancouver

“I was very impressed with the personalized training program that Deanna designed for me. The workout contained a combination of upper and lower body exercises, which complemented the other activities I was already performing. Deanna was patient and helpful while she taught me the exercises and provided guidance on how to gradually increase the difficulty. Overall, my experience with Deanna was very positive and she encouraged me to challenge myself in new areas.”

-Melinda, Vancouver





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